Tuesday, December 25, 2007

CMAs - Help the Agent Make The Sale

There is a free appraisal tool on the net which you probably have heard of. It is www.Eppraisal.com

It offers free home appraisals as well as access to neighborhood information like schools, lifestyle, employment, local professionals, and more.

It can be used by real estate virtual assistants to create powerful CMAs. It is very user friendly and free! It features graphs so if you are not good at making graphs you can just cut and paste.

It offers the following features and more:

Property information:

* Sale price

* Distance from subject property

* Price per square foot


* Elementary, middle and high

* Student to teacher ratio

* Grade span

* Degree levels

* Sat scores

Marketing stats:

* Foreclosures filings and sales

* Best and worst performing zip codes

* Most expensive zip codes to move to


* Prominent lifestyles broken down in categories such as

o Home ownership,ethnicity, employment and education level

Employment/Local Professionals:

* Highest vs. lowest paid occupations

* Unemployment level

If you have tried it, I would like to know what you think about using this to create a CMA.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

GPS on your Cell Phone – Helpful Technology for the Real Estate Agent

As a I work more and more with real estate agents, I realize that they are very busy professionals. They appreciate time saving techniques that will help them improve their business. An agent really appreciates it when their real estate virtual assistant can research and help them implement these techniques.

A real estate agent travels frequently to neighborhoods during their day. The agent needs to know the area well. But sometimes they do need help. Recently the Google Mobile Maps crew has launched a new “GPS-Like”’ technology called “My Location”. The feature is free and available for most web-enabled phones. And better yet, you don’t need to have GPS on your device.

Or if you do not have a cell phone you can sideload and sync directly from your PC.

Here are some of the features that come with this free download.

*Real-time traffic

*Detailed directions

*Integrated search results

*Easily movable maps

*Satellite imagery

*Pinpoint your location within 1000 meters

This technology is new, and I know there will be further additions. But it is a free and helpful tool for the agent as they are conducting their business.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

Saturday, December 22, 2007

House Hunting at Your Fingertips!

I think this is the wave of the future in real estate marketing. I am always looking for innovative ways to market and inform the agents that I work with.

Today I have received an article from 'The Future of Real Estate Marketing" and it has an article about Surface Technology Could Save Full Service Brokers or Perceptive Pixel (see House Hunting… with your Hands?

They note that "There are huge applications in real estate, especially when you watch how the interface works with Google Earth. I suspect that we'll be seeing much more from these multi-touch systems in the very near future and it won't be long before a Realtor or consumer will be able to walk into a real estate office somewhere and start their house hunt using only your hands."

This tool has a high price, but I imagine the price will come down in a few years. But if it is feasible, it would be a great marketing asset to add to your lobby.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA


Sunday, December 16, 2007

How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Generate FSBOs into Leads

FSBOs seem to be a daunting task to most real estate agents. You can utilize the services of virtual real estate assistant. But it is important to know how to approach FSBOs that will and have produced results for me.

We know that the seller would like to sell their home. That is their goal. Most of the people that I have contacted are simply tired or hearing from so many agents wanting to list their home and get a commission.

When I contact FSBOs, they mention they want a buyer. They want someone to look at their home and buy it! There is the opening that you need!

In a nutshelll, since their goal is to sell the home, you can mention that you would just like to come and see the home and familiarize yourself with the home. That way you can be come better acquainted with the person and they will have that contact with you vs. another realtor. It is better to build a good relationship with the potential client on this level than just trying to list their home and obtain a commission.

So now when a potential buyer comes along, you will be able to present them with homes that you as the agent are familiar with.

This approach has helped me to obtain many appointments for my real estate agents. I hope this approach can work for you also.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA


Friday, December 14, 2007

Have you Tried This Forum? Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center

I am always looking for new forums that will help real estate agents. I ran across this forum. It may not be new to many. But I have already found helpful information for REOs.

It is called Agents Online Real Estate Idea Forum.

Agents Online Idea Center Real Estate Forums

Some of their forums deal with real estate agents to exchange ideas, network, and discuss issues. They have forums for aspiring agents. You can learn from the experts! You can ask questions or start a new discussion. Other topics include selling, buying, home inspections, mortgage lending, home insurance, web site marketing, and much more.

They also have a real estate products and services section where you can solicit.

If you find it helpful, I would like to hear your thoughts on this forum that I have found helpful.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA


How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can Help you Through the Holidays

In this holiday season as a real estate agent, is your time precious to you? Do you have more administrative tasks than time to do it? Would you like to free up your time yet still keep your business moving ahead profitably and in an organized atmosphere? Is the cost of hiring an employee and paying benefits just not worth the return? If you answered yes to any of these questions, what will you do to alleviate the workload and some of the pressures you are running into at this busy time of the year?

Many businesses have a high percentage of vacation leave during this time. Real estate virtual assistants can alleviate the enormous amount of stress that comes from running a business especially during the holiday season. We want business owners to be able to enjoy it rather than suffer through this time!”

Real estate virtual assistants can offer services when you need help in an emergency or for project work. You do not have to worry about lag time because REVAs are trained and experienced in working with many different type of web-based software programs for real estate agents.

If you need last minute help to create a marketing piece or need to make phone calls to help convert those contacts to leads, an online real estate assistant can be there for you. We are only a phone call or an email away!

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA


Sunday, December 9, 2007

REO and BPO Support Services – How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help.

Foreclosures are on the rise and Ohio ranks 9th in the nation according to a national report. As a result more and more real estate agents are finding that they need a competent assistant to complete the myriad of details associated with the REO process.

Did you know that a real estate virtual assistant can help you plow through all of the forms that you as a real estate agent have to fill out? A REVA can help you with pulling comps, processing the BPO forms, service ordering and much more. We can reduce the amount of time all of these processes take so that you will have more time to be out building and nurturing your business leads.

1. Do you have time in your day to pull public records and comps from the MLS?

2. Do you have time to complete all of the forms?

3. What about ordering and collecting quotes, scheduling property repairs and cleaning?

4. Do you have time to create effective marketing materials for the properties?

5. What about collecting feedback and providing monthly marketing reporting to the asset

6. Do you have time to perform the transaction management details involved?

These activities are not all inclusive. But a real estate assistant can give you back the time it takes to accomplish all of this and more.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA


Closing Gifts – A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can Help With Follow Up

A closing gift is a great idea, but did you know that the follow up to that can be utilized as a great marketing technique? The agent can always let the client know that referrals are appreciated.

A real estate virtual assistant can help an agent develop and maintain an “After the Sell” database. Messages can be geared toward helping the homeowner. Such as videotaping their possessions, how to make their home more secure, doing an energy audit and maintaining financial stability.

Or the agent can invest a small amount of money into a thank you gift for clients that are referred to the agent.

When you follow up on a regular basis, it can solidify the relationship. The client is more likely to refer you to a potential client because they know you; thus generating referrals!

The agent should not send follow-up gifts to everyone. Instead, target your communications and dollars to those past clients most likely to result in referrals or repeat business, and contact them multiple times over the course of a year.

A real estate assistant can help the agent develop customized a “After the Sell” campaign that will nurture your relationship with past client and generate more leads for you in the future.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A REVA Can Add a ***Spark*** to your Listing Presentation

Do you have a listing presentation that you would like to tweak or just have a mental block when it comes to adding something that will win you that listing? A real estate virtual assistant can help you create a new listing or modify the one that you already have. Ok, you have your listing presentation that will help your potential clients determine whether they would like to hire you on as an agent or not. They have seen several other presentations from other agents. But what will they remember? They may remember the PowerPoint charts, and the CMAs for the comparable properties.

But what will make you stand out from the other agents? There is a marketing strategy that an agent can utilize to increase their listing presentation to conversions. At first it does not seem to be a brilliant strategy. And it has nothing to do with using PowerPoint. It has to do with giving the potential client something that they will have that has a “Special Saying” on it that may just win that listing for you. It also contains special items that are simple but memorable. And it has a message that you are subconsciously conveying to them.

This is just one of the ways that a real estate virtual assistant can help the agent with their listing presentations. I realize that real estate agents are really quite busy and may not think of ideas to change the way they present themselves to potential clients. So hiring a real estate virtual assistant can take that extra task away from you and you can focus on other parts of your business. You will have more time to be out with the clients and nurturing and building those important client relationships.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA


Do You Have Trouble Being Creative When Writing Listings Ads

With the state of the market, real estate agents need to be creative when writing real estate listing ads. Do people want to move into a ‘3 bdrm/2ba, Square Foot 1,291 or a house that gives you privacy, charm and views?" Or if the prospective buyer enjoys shopping, you can use,

convenient to shopping: next to a strip mall.

A real estate virtual assistant can help you be more creative with your ads. Some days you may not feel as motivated or focused to write an ad that will ad that extra SPARK to your listing. Or some days you just may not have the time.

All you have to do is send the photos to the REVA and they will take it from there! You do not have to spend any more time on the project. You can go on to the next task. Real estate virtual assistants have experience and do look outside the box to help you create a listing description that will be noticed and stand out from your usual listings.

They will create listings that have verbs that are active and command attention. They will give your listing descriptions exciting adjectives and words that grab the attention of the reader. At times you can begin with a question or create a sense of urgency to add to the listing description.

Today you have to step out of the box when creating listing descriptions. Let a REVA help you with this task.

Roxane Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA


Monday, November 26, 2007

How A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help an agent obtain FSBOs as Clients.

Agents, did you know that your real estate virtual assistant can help you with an unrepresented buyer? Most agents think of FSBOs as a challenge. But by utilizing the services of a REVA you can launch a successful drip campaign to this challenging market segment. This is especially designed for those agents who prefer to contact the FSBO first via a postcard.

Elite REVA can help you develop customized campaigns that offer advice such as:

1. The value of your services and the expertise you have

2. Qualifying serious buyers

3. A Good and Effective Marketing Plan

4. Educating buyers on financing options

5. Helping them find their new home

And more!

An online real estate assistant can design attractive postcards that will contain helpful advice for the FSBO and let them know that is struggling to sell their home; they can turn to you as the expert.

By offering sound advice, you will then be in a position to call and further nurture that relationship, and help get your foot in the door to make your listing presentation.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

Do What You Love and Love Doing It!

As a real estate virtual assistant I hear different types of stories from agents that I work with regarding changes in the real estate market. Some speak about the stress; some speak about the uncertainty in the market.

But I thought I would veer away from my usual advice regarding how REVAs can help an agent to just some simple points that have helped me reignite my enthusiasm for what I do.

Build a support system. Since real estate is a social business –those who are very outgoing are usually are successful. When you have a bad day, it is important that you have others (such as family, friends, or co-workers) to turn to for support. You never know when one of them may come up with an idea that you had never thought of because of the stress you are under. I usually turn to those I have befriended from Real Estate Virtual Assistants online networks for support or helpful advice.

Add something different to your daily life. What about taking a class or joining a professional group. This will help to reignite the enthusiasm you had when you initially chose this career. This may be a boost to help you from feeling burned out in the profession that you love.

Why you chose this career. Remind yourself why you chose this career. Was it because you have an outgoing personality and just enjoy people? Do you enjoy the thrill of selling and helping people obtain their dream home? What about the flexibility your job offers?

Bring to mind the positive traits you have as real estate agent. What you do to have a successful relationship with your clients and why they like you.

There are more, but these are the few that I thought of that have helped me and I hope have given you just a little something to think about.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

Professional Referral Source Prospecting – How REVAs can Help.

As a real estate agent, you know that referrals are great for business, but have you ever wondered how you can prospect to professional referrals?

Have you ever thought about a drip campaign that will help you develop, build, nurture and grow that relationship so it will be mutually productive for you and your professional referral?

Elite REVA will help you develop a customized automated referral campaign. The purpose is to keep in touch with your professional referral sources that will cause them to contact you if they have a potential client for you.

We can help agents develop postcards that have educational and technical tips that will add value to the professional referrals business, such as an attorney, a home inspector or an escrow agent. It is just that extra effort that helps to build trust. And when they see you making the extra effort to help them, they will be more likely to remember you when a possible referral comes up.

Now these can also be in the form of newsletters, or actual drip emails with customized content. Whatever format you use, Elite REVA can help you develop a successful campaign that will build a successful prospecting campaign directed towards professional referrals.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Real Estate Virtual Assistants – The Real Estate Agent’s Time and Money Saver

In Ohio, in particular Cincinnati, the term “real estate virtual assistant” is a mystery to most agents. I live in Cincinnati, and have yet to meet a real estate agent who is really familiar with this term. Most of them that I talk to have the concept that all assistants should be in the office working where they can be seen. When in reality we know that it costs money for:
Office space
Unemployment benefits
Medical expenses
Vacation and sick leave
Coffee breaks

With a real estate virtual assistant the agent pays for:
The work!

I recently received a positive comment from an agent who is out of state. The agent had me place over 250 calls to leads to qualify them and touch base. As a result the agent has income generated from these calls, plus income generated from interacting with other customers while I was on the phone! For that agent, I was truly a time saver, and at the same time helped her generate more income for her business.

Internet Marketing – How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help.

I am always trying to look for new ways to help my clients stand out in their internet marketing efforts. I recently saw a program called www.Slide.com. It is very easy to set up and it is another unique way to market the property to web savvy consumers. You just have to add your existing images, follow the steps, and you are ready to showcase the client’s property.

You can share a Slide Show from your website, just by logging into your account and access your 'My Slide' page. Click on the 'Share' link next to your Slide Show, enter your client’s email addresses, and they'll receive an email that will take them to their Slide Show. You can also add it to your Active Rain blog.

Roxanne Tidmore

Friday, November 2, 2007

All Important Questions Real Estate Virtual Assistants Should Ask Before Buying A Business

1. WHY is the current business owner selling the business? Is the current business owner retiring because of legitimate health problems? Is it because they were not successful with the business? Or you can ask how successful were you with the business? Are they moving on to another business? Whatever the response, it should be an answer that you are comfortable with.

2. WHO were the customers? Ask for all of the customer contact information. And then contact them explaining that you are soon to be the current owner. You can say “I would appreciate any feedback you can give me about the services rendered to your company. And also do you see a need in the future to continue doing business with our company?”

3. HOW long was the current business owner in business? Months? Years? If months is the answer, this may be your answer to the first question! They may not want to persevere to make it become successful – which is a positive. Or they realize that it is not going to be successful and they want to be rid of it – for a profit. If years is the answer, then they may have a web presence already. BUT whether it is a positive or negative web presence brings me to my next point.

4. CAN you research the business by contacting others in the industry? For example, if you type in Real Estate Virtual Assistants, you will receive a number of responses. Contact some of them and let them know what you are doing and if they can give you an objective viewpoint about the business you are thinking about buying. Ask them to be very honest and frank because this is a big decision that you are about to embark on!

5. WHAT are the pros and cons of purchasing this business? If you start from scratch will you put more money into marketing than you would from an established business? If the customers decide to continue with you as the new business owner, does that outweigh the time, money and effort to obtain new customers? Does the business have a good looking website? And has it been entered into the major search engines? That would be a great pro!

Now these are not all of the questions, but they are important ones. The main point is to do your RESEARCH. Be proactive, and be patient. Don’t make a snap decision. GATHER all the facts that you can, and you will be SUCCESSFUL when purchasing a business.

Online Real Estate Virtual Assistants – A Revolutionary Approach to Outsourcing

Are you a real estate agent that wants to take your business to the next level but find that you do not have the time or resources to do so?

Are you spending more time on administrative tasks and less time dealing with buyers and sellers? Do you want to become a top producer?

As an agent you know that these administrative tasks are necessary for your business, but you make money by cultivating relationships with potential buyers and sellers?

Can you use a real estate assistant that will handle all of the administrative tasks for you so you can be out in the field nurturing your business? Elite REVA provides realtors with online support. We are dedicated to servicing and assisting Realtors to start, grow and operate successful businesses without the need to hire employees.

Take the Challenge!

Find just one administrative task in your day that is very necessary to the success of your business. Think about how much time it takes you to do that task. Multiply it by five. And that will sum up how much time you will have left in your week, if you delegate that task to a real estate virtual assistant!

Now just think how much time the assistant can save you if you delegate two or three tasks. And you can use that time to be out in the field obtaining more potential clients!
Real Estate Virtual Assistants can perform the following tasks and more:

Lead Generation/Management
Listing/Marketing Coordination
Transaction Coordination
Point2 Agent Website Updates

Please let us know if we can be of service to your business!
Roxanne Tidmore

Sunday, October 28, 2007

What A Virtual Real Estate Assistant CAN do For YOU!

EVERY real estate agent IS his or her own small business. Even the largest real estate firms with multiple agents and offices is made up of small independent businesses and each agent is responsible for his or her own business.

A virtual Real Estate assistant can enhance the success of your business without the additional expenses associated with growth while decreasing the amount of time you spend in the office.

In addition to the agent’s own work, there is a huge volume of paperwork to be dealt with,customer service issues to be address and other time consuming tasks that distract the agent’s attention from keeping his or her own business alive. The more time you deal with these matters, the less time you spend with clients. Being out with buyers and sellers is how a real estate agent makes money.

Your time is valuable and it should be directed toward productive not counter-productive tasks. If you don’t have an assistant to do the time consuming tasks for you, you could be on the outside. Have a real estate assistant do it for you! An agent who doesn’t have an assistant is not just a full time agent; he or she is a full time agent and assistant! And there are only 24 hours in the day!

That’s why I founded EliteREVA.com

EliteREVA provides administrative, marketing and sales assistance tailored to meet the individual needs of business owners and professionals on an as needed or long term basis. The focus is on assisting clients to build a full practice while alleviating the stress of running their businesses and increasing their production.

Below are some of our services:
*        Lead Management
*        Listing Marketing Coordination
*        Agent Marketing & Branding
*        Internet Marketing
*        Closing Coordination

Visit us at http://www.EliteREVA.com and request a proposal/consultation to discuss how EliteREVA can help you become a top producer.

Roxanne Tidmore

How to Market on a Shoestring Budget

The best way to make money with your website, no matter what the business, is to get it noticed. To get it noticed, you need to market. But how do you do that when you are on a budget that is so tight it’s worse than squeezing a turnip? Getting and keeping customers is the key to success in any business. By being very resourceful, you can utilize these five proven ways – which are free - to promote your business.

  1. Spread the word! Tell all of your past business employers. Let them know that you have embarked upon your Virtual Assistant business. Who knows, they may bring some business to you! Give them your business card with all of your contact information on the card. Also, ask them to tell everyone they know. Word of mouth is a great way to promote your business – and best of all it is free!

  1. Write and submit press releases to your local media and online media. This is another free avenue to explore. Because in the press release, you will include your website link. If you do not know how to write a press release, there are many websites that offer FREE lessons! In addition, most of these same sites offer free press release submission. Once you do have the press release written, ask others to review it for you. Then review it for spelling and grammatical errors. Then submit! It will take some time to do the searching and submitting. However, once you have registered for these sites, you can do it monthly without going through the set up process.

  1. Learn how to “optimize” your website. Search Engine Optimization will take some time but it is well worth it. There is such an exhaustive supply of information on how to do this for free. You can join groups on Yahoo!. You can obtain books from the library. You can join many forums on the web which will teach you about SEO. There are also software programs that offer free 30-day trials!

  1. Write articles and submit them online. What me?! Write an article. Well, at first I did not think I would be capable of writing. Then I challenged myself and began to learn. Yes, you can even find free information on the web on not only how to write articles, but how and where to post them. Again, as with press releases, be sure to include a link to your website. This will give you visibility and credibility. More people will want to do business with you.

  1. Create a follow-up plan to those who do respond. With everyone so busy these days, they can easily forget you. Along with the follow-up plan, devise ways to help their business. Maybe you can offer a free newsletter on ways to improve their business. Or a discount on a service they may need. The more you will be able to keep your business in front of potential customers, the more likely they will be to choose your business.

These are not all of the ways to market on a tight budget. However, these can get you started. As with any successful business, it will take time. It will not happen overnight, but if you persevere and really work hard, you will eventually have a successful business.

Roxanne Tidmore

A Free Marketing Plan A Real Estate Assistant Can Offer to An Agent.

You know I have some real estate agents that are not aware of the powerful Lowes Marketing Plan and the National Association of REALTORS®. It is free and a great way to grow the agent’s business.

This is the link to the website. https://www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com/

Here are some of the free marketing benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • Lowe's 10% off coupon
  • 5% discount on Lowe's gift cards
  • Free Videos, Web banners, Monthly
  • E-Newsletter and more

There are mailers that are customized to sellers, buyers, new homeowners, or just general homeowners tips.

You should check it out if you have not already.

Roxanne Tidmore


Sunday, October 14, 2007

The EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report - Another Value to Offer to the Client

Here is another Value to add to Your Real Estate Client Services. This is
an article that was printed in the weekly information from NAR.org. With
today's environmentally conscious savvy buyers and sellers, I think this
is very valuable and important.

Brokers & Agents

Consumers have long relied on real estate professionals to help guide them
through the home buying and selling process, from obtaining listings on
new properties to marketing an existing property to brokering the actual

Today, with access to the internet and online real estate services
growing, it's more important than ever that agents and brokers clearly
demonstrate the value they offer their clients.

Now, agents can set themselves apart and increase their value by
recommending new services and providing superior customer care. You can
become a buyer or seller's hero, as well as ensure a hassle free closing,
by advising your client to obtain important environmental information on
and around a residential property during the home inspection process.

The EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report,™ designed specifically for
residential transactions, is now available through your local
EDR-Certified home inspector. The report draws on the nation's largest
collection of federal, state and local records of environmental
contamination to provide an accurate, comprehensive, easy to understand
summary and is available on all properties throughout the United States.

EDR-Certified inspectors are trained to communicate the report's findings
to the buyer or seller in a balanced, fact-based way, much like they do
with a home inspection, and to provide follow up direction where

For the home buyer, the report identifies potential environmental issues
on or near a specific property that may threaten a family's health or the
value of their investment. Information provided includes locations of
reported leaking underground tanks, landfills, "meth labs," hazardous
waste sites, and other issues that can contaminate soil, groundwater and
the air quality in a home or create other health issues.

For the home seller, buying a report and disclosing any potential issues
may afford the seller – and you – some liability protection. In addition,
a home with a clean record, free from environmental issues, is a valuable
selling feature.

Today, environmental issues are gaining increased attention. By
recommending EDR Certified Home Inspectors to your buyers and sellers, you
are ensuring peace of mind and a hassle free closing for all parties
involved in a real estate transaction. When your clients sleep better, so
do you.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Other Benefits That RELAY and TP Offer the Real Estate Agent

There are some other benefits that both programs offer. Relay offers

integration with Zip Forms, while Transaction Point offer integration with
Zip Forms and Agent Office. Relay offers a 2 - 3 screen shot of your task
lists while Transaction Point offers a one screen shot. You have the
header and footer located on the screen while scrolling through the one
page of task list - no matter how long it is.

Did you know that you can access TransactionPoint through the Listings and
Sales module of AgentOffice?

For those using AgentOffice that is a great tool to have a seamless
integration, so you will not have to switch from one program to the next.

Both programs are a wonderful help to a broker or real estate agent
looking to simplify the OTM process!

Roxanne Tidmore

Online Transaction Management - Relay or Transaction Point?

Real Estate agents are always looking for better ways to improve their

business. Online Transaction management is a technology that is of great
value to a broker or agent having several listings. It reduces the amount
of time from listing to close.

It is important to choose the right software to perform your online
transaction. So which software should you choose?

Relay and Transaction Point both have some great features to offer. Both
programs offer the feature of uploading your checklist/task list
associated with each transaction. Each has the feature of due date alerts.

You can receive emails daily that will keep you informed of the
important tasks that need to be completed for that specific transaction.
You can upload the specific documents that are associated with each

The broker or agent can choose who should see the progress of the
transaction from listing to close.

One neat feature in Transaction Point is that you can send letters
(customized or template) from the program itself. These can be welcome
letters, reminder letters, touch point letters or whatever you choose to
send. It gives you the merge fields and also converts it to a Word
document. And you can save your own customized letters as future

This is a great feature to have when dealing with multiple closings.

Roxanne Tidmore

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome Roxanne Tidmore--New Virtual Assistant Directory Member

Roxanne Tidmore is a owner of Elite REVA. Roxanne specializes in Lead Generation and Management services as well as expired listing services and Transaction Coordination. She also provides Listing and Marketing Services.

*NAR Certified Real Estate Professional Assistant (REPA)
*IREATC Realtor Support Specialist

Submit an RFP to Roxanne or to all of our Ohio Virtual Assistants