Sunday, October 14, 2007

The EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report - Another Value to Offer to the Client

Here is another Value to add to Your Real Estate Client Services. This is
an article that was printed in the weekly information from With
today's environmentally conscious savvy buyers and sellers, I think this
is very valuable and important.

Brokers & Agents

Consumers have long relied on real estate professionals to help guide them
through the home buying and selling process, from obtaining listings on
new properties to marketing an existing property to brokering the actual

Today, with access to the internet and online real estate services
growing, it's more important than ever that agents and brokers clearly
demonstrate the value they offer their clients.

Now, agents can set themselves apart and increase their value by
recommending new services and providing superior customer care. You can
become a buyer or seller's hero, as well as ensure a hassle free closing,
by advising your client to obtain important environmental information on
and around a residential property during the home inspection process.

The EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report,™ designed specifically for
residential transactions, is now available through your local
EDR-Certified home inspector. The report draws on the nation's largest
collection of federal, state and local records of environmental
contamination to provide an accurate, comprehensive, easy to understand
summary and is available on all properties throughout the United States.

EDR-Certified inspectors are trained to communicate the report's findings
to the buyer or seller in a balanced, fact-based way, much like they do
with a home inspection, and to provide follow up direction where

For the home buyer, the report identifies potential environmental issues
on or near a specific property that may threaten a family's health or the
value of their investment. Information provided includes locations of
reported leaking underground tanks, landfills, "meth labs," hazardous
waste sites, and other issues that can contaminate soil, groundwater and
the air quality in a home or create other health issues.

For the home seller, buying a report and disclosing any potential issues
may afford the seller – and you – some liability protection. In addition,
a home with a clean record, free from environmental issues, is a valuable
selling feature.

Today, environmental issues are gaining increased attention. By
recommending EDR Certified Home Inspectors to your buyers and sellers, you
are ensuring peace of mind and a hassle free closing for all parties
involved in a real estate transaction. When your clients sleep better, so
do you.

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