Sunday, October 28, 2007

What A Virtual Real Estate Assistant CAN do For YOU!

EVERY real estate agent IS his or her own small business. Even the largest real estate firms with multiple agents and offices is made up of small independent businesses and each agent is responsible for his or her own business.

A virtual Real Estate assistant can enhance the success of your business without the additional expenses associated with growth while decreasing the amount of time you spend in the office.

In addition to the agent’s own work, there is a huge volume of paperwork to be dealt with,customer service issues to be address and other time consuming tasks that distract the agent’s attention from keeping his or her own business alive. The more time you deal with these matters, the less time you spend with clients. Being out with buyers and sellers is how a real estate agent makes money.

Your time is valuable and it should be directed toward productive not counter-productive tasks. If you don’t have an assistant to do the time consuming tasks for you, you could be on the outside. Have a real estate assistant do it for you! An agent who doesn’t have an assistant is not just a full time agent; he or she is a full time agent and assistant! And there are only 24 hours in the day!

That’s why I founded

EliteREVA provides administrative, marketing and sales assistance tailored to meet the individual needs of business owners and professionals on an as needed or long term basis. The focus is on assisting clients to build a full practice while alleviating the stress of running their businesses and increasing their production.

Below are some of our services:
*        Lead Management
*        Listing Marketing Coordination
*        Agent Marketing & Branding
*        Internet Marketing
*        Closing Coordination

Visit us at and request a proposal/consultation to discuss how EliteREVA can help you become a top producer.

Roxanne Tidmore

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