Sunday, December 9, 2007

Closing Gifts – A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can Help With Follow Up

A closing gift is a great idea, but did you know that the follow up to that can be utilized as a great marketing technique? The agent can always let the client know that referrals are appreciated.

A real estate virtual assistant can help an agent develop and maintain an “After the Sell” database. Messages can be geared toward helping the homeowner. Such as videotaping their possessions, how to make their home more secure, doing an energy audit and maintaining financial stability.

Or the agent can invest a small amount of money into a thank you gift for clients that are referred to the agent.

When you follow up on a regular basis, it can solidify the relationship. The client is more likely to refer you to a potential client because they know you; thus generating referrals!

The agent should not send follow-up gifts to everyone. Instead, target your communications and dollars to those past clients most likely to result in referrals or repeat business, and contact them multiple times over the course of a year.

A real estate assistant can help the agent develop customized a “After the Sell” campaign that will nurture your relationship with past client and generate more leads for you in the future.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

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