Sunday, February 10, 2008


Real estate agents realize that in order to have a lot of business, you must network. You have to build and nurture relationships in order keep contacts/leads familiar with you so they are more likely to buy your services or connect you to a referral.

One way to do this is BlogTalkRadio. It is a free service and a great way to connect with current, future and past clients. Real estate agents can use this to medium to educate home buyers. Agents can also use this medium to establish themselves an expert on a particular neighborhood or aspect of real estate. BlogTalkRadio allows you to instantly connect with your audience. The more shows you have, the more your will be established as an expert in your particular area.

How can a Elite REVA help a real estate agent with this aspect of social networking?

If a real estate agent does not feel comfortable setting up the logistics for this, a real estate virtual assistant can help with the following:

  1. Contact BlogTalkRadio to schedule your show.
  2. Research the subject material and give the real estate agent information in anticipation of questions that may be asked on the show.
  3. Help recruit guest speakers for specials shows such Loan Officers for First Time Home Buyers.
  4. Set up reminders by customized alerts via email or phone of upcoming shows
  5. Help you build promotional marketing by copying and pasting flash player and buttons to your blog or website.
  6. Distributing this as an internet marketing piece in the following formats: MP3, RSS subscription or iTunes after your show.
  7. Create a customizable profile for you with video, a blog, and links to other sites or other widgets.

You will be able to create a FREE branded network. Elite REVA can also help you with marketing statistics by finding out who listened or downloaded your show.

When you think about it, today’s buyers are more interested in instant results. If you are able to reach out to them via this medium that is a plus to your marketing. Even if they are not able to listen to the broadcast, your Elite REVA assistant can help you add it to your website, blog or have it as an RSS feed.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

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