Friday, October 12, 2007

Other Benefits That RELAY and TP Offer the Real Estate Agent

There are some other benefits that both programs offer. Relay offers

integration with Zip Forms, while Transaction Point offer integration with
Zip Forms and Agent Office. Relay offers a 2 - 3 screen shot of your task
lists while Transaction Point offers a one screen shot. You have the
header and footer located on the screen while scrolling through the one
page of task list - no matter how long it is.

Did you know that you can access TransactionPoint through the Listings and
Sales module of AgentOffice?

For those using AgentOffice that is a great tool to have a seamless
integration, so you will not have to switch from one program to the next.

Both programs are a wonderful help to a broker or real estate agent
looking to simplify the OTM process!

Roxanne Tidmore

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