Sunday, November 11, 2007

Real Estate Virtual Assistants – The Real Estate Agent’s Time and Money Saver

In Ohio, in particular Cincinnati, the term “real estate virtual assistant” is a mystery to most agents. I live in Cincinnati, and have yet to meet a real estate agent who is really familiar with this term. Most of them that I talk to have the concept that all assistants should be in the office working where they can be seen. When in reality we know that it costs money for:
Office space
Unemployment benefits
Medical expenses
Vacation and sick leave
Coffee breaks

With a real estate virtual assistant the agent pays for:
The work!

I recently received a positive comment from an agent who is out of state. The agent had me place over 250 calls to leads to qualify them and touch base. As a result the agent has income generated from these calls, plus income generated from interacting with other customers while I was on the phone! For that agent, I was truly a time saver, and at the same time helped her generate more income for her business.

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