Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Tool for Building Single Property Websites

Have you heard of Sprout?

It is a different way to build widgets on your real estate website that can include a single property website. But by utilizing Sprout a real estate agent can make their Single Property Website dynamic and portable.

Once you are on the site they guide you to building flash based widgets. You can use their templates or build your own by dragging and dropping different elements. Once you have built then you publish to your site or blog. After that you manage. After working with it for a while you begin to get the hang of it. But it is really a neat tool for real estate agents because it can be used for:

  • A video introduction of your services or your company
  • Your latest blog posts
  • Your Trulia Voices Answers
  • Promoting a Single Property
    • Adding a Map of the property
    • Virtual Tour or video walk-through of the property
    • Links to the listing (MLS, company website, etc.)

It is still in the beta stages, but it is a different way of looking at promoting your listings.

Roxanne Tidmore, NAR Certified REPA

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